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7 reviews for IL-175R

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  1. rjobrien

    Really compact – great versatility

  2. pauline lobelson

    Super produit ! Très pratique pour les petits espaces. Je m’attendais à un produit fragile un peu gadget mais en fait, en main, la sensation d’un produit robuste. À toujours avoir sous la main.

  3. Pritesh

    It’s portable, light, folds up to 180° supplied with a Type C USB charging cable. Impressed with how fast it takes to charge. 1 button to control all 5 Light s
    Settings (1st Click – Pen Light, 2nd Click – Big Light, 3rd Click – Big Light Max Brightness, 4th Click – Small Light, 5th Click – Switches off. Integrated clip very useful to secure to pockets.

  4. Night Sparky

    Great wee light , but the battery life is really short! I’m a spark & need good battery life while working in attic’s!

  5. (verified owner)

    Nice small torch. Great to have in you work trouser pocket. Much better than using your phone torch. Only thing I would change about it is to add a deep pocket clip as the current one is shallow.

  6. m.pyre kreative (verified owner)

    when I bought my first one I didn’t really have a use for it so I didn’t appreciate it. Now that i have a technician role I’m using it daily and it’s been amazing! I love how compact it is, its got a strong magnet on the end and on the sides which makes it easy to mount in multiple positions, you can cycle through the different light modes- i like the beam on the end of the light for inspecting parts or looking inside small gaps and when i need to light up a work area I turn it to flood light. It’s the perfect EDC. I’ve just bought two more (one as a backup and one as a present for a mate at work)

  7. Connor Mitchell (verified owner)

    Perfect little pocket light. Great output for a small torch. Versatile and carries out all functions needed. Definitely a must have

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