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18 reviews for IL-925R

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  1. Oliver Harley (verified owner)

    Great inspection light, super bright, nice and compact but still brilliant build quality. #builttough

  2. Joao Pinho (verified owner)

    Portable, well constructed and very bright. Top quality.

  3. M.lyons (verified owner)

    Ridiculous amount of lumens it’s fantastic all your lighting needs. Really handy magnet and the different modes are brillant. The build quality is outstanding.

  4. M.lyons (verified owner)

    Ridiculous amount of lumens it’s fantastic for all your lighting needs. Really handy magnet and the different modes are brillant.

  5. Paul Lantos (verified owner)

    Great product. Build quality excellent.

  6. kenneth cowap (verified owner)

    Excellent build quality.The lights are powerful and meet my needs 100%.I like the magnetic base very useful when holding on to metal.This light has been well thought out and at all angles it is a 1st Class light.

  7. Christopher Johnson (verified owner)

    Love my inspection light. Gives so much visibility. Hats off unilight

  8. Alex Thompson (verified owner)

    Incredible light output from such a compact unit. Was hesitant about spending this much money on a light, but definitely worth it. The build quality is some of the best I’ve seen. Will definitely buy unilite again.

  9. Christopher Williams (verified owner)

    Again an amazing piece of equipment. Hand smaller light that fits in your tool bag or pocket. Immense light output. Really makes a difference.

  10. Allan Cooke (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Spotted it via recommendations on the Nick Bundy Electrical YouTube channel. Can highly recommend, excellent all round light. Well made and well packaged. Definitely a fan of unilite products going forward.

  11. Keith Morgan (verified owner)

    Versatile, handy and affective. I keep one in the tool bag, one in the van and one in my testing kit as they’re so useful and much better than the phone torch that I used to make use of!! Would highly recommend

  12. soluexltd (verified owner)

    excellent inspection light built to last, very tough casing, battery life is another plus as It last for good few hours.

  13. James Armstrong (verified owner)

    Super bright! I’ve got a SLR500 and a lower powered IL175R I think it is and this blows both them out the water. Can’t comment on battery life yet as haven’t used it long enough but first impressions are great!

  14. Luke Earl (verified owner)

    Great torch, the magnetic mount holds on strong

  15. Robin Waspe (verified owner)

    Unreal light glad I turned to Unilite this inspection light is just class on so many levels

  16. Jason Reeve (verified owner)

    Built like a tank and as bright as the sun.

  17. Andrew Richardson (verified owner)

    Superb light! So versatile, and makes my job far easier. Battery life is brilliant. Would recommend to anyone

  18. Glynn Clarkson (verified owner)

    Great item for any trade or just general use, very good build quality.
    I would recommend to anyone.

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