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Lightweight Headtorch HL-1R | Makes Light Work Of Everything

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The Unilite HL-1R lightweight headtorch proves good things can come in small packages. The combination of clever design and superior engineering.

When looking for a headtorch, people will often overlook its weight. You will often hear clamours for the ‘brightest’ or ‘most powerful’, whilst its weight is not even considered. When using a headtorch for any sustained period, you must consider its weight and how comfortable it is to wear. Sometimes even powerful headtorches can get the balance between power and weight right, like the HL-6R. Equally so many can miss the mark.

A Lightweight Headtorch For All Scenarios

Ensuring you are not overburdened by a heavy headtorch is imperative. This could be for electricians who have climbed into a tight space and need steely concentration to rewire an electrical board; or maybe a marathon trainer, who needs to pirouette around obstacles on their late-night training session. There are many circumstances where a lightweight headtorch will come in handy. Unilite believe they have created one that combines this important quality, whilst retaining a powerful array of features.

Unilites HL-1R floats down to the scales and weighs in for just 28g. This is just slightly heavier than a single AA battery. At this weight it is likely to remain unnoticed on the wearers head, equal to that of a headband! There have even been a few occasions where people have forgot they were wearing one of them, hopping in the shower after a day’s work only to find they were shampooing a headtorch! If this bizarre situation occurs do not worry as the HL-1R has an IPX5 rating, giving it a strong level of water resistance, protecting against rain (or showers!).

Strong Battery, Solid Construction

The HL-1R has a rechargeable 520mAh Li-Polymer battery with a useful red to green charging indicator. A rechargeable battery is the more environmentally sound choice. It has up to 28 times less impact on the environment than disposable batteries and costs 13 times less over its lifecycle!

It has a strong ABS construction, despite being lightweight, making it ultra-tough in the process. This makes it a great choice in an industrial setting, surviving against any adversaries. In addition to this it has a 45° rotational head. This angles the light down if you need to see your feet, or something away from your eyeline. Of course, the main advantage of a headtorch is that you light up where you are facing, so whatever task you are doing you will be sure to have light.

Reliable Beam Technology

The HL-1R has a maximum lumen output of 125 from its white CREE LED. This is a strong working output for a lightweight headtorch, and an additional conical reflector further extends its beam distance. It has an easy push micro switch that is dimmable, extending its runtime to 21 hours if required. There are also 2 x additional red LEDs with solid and flash, perfect for intricate tasks or night vision.

If the weight of your tools is important to you, then look no further than Unilites HL-1R to get you out of the dark.