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Powerful LED worklights, made portable.

Powerful LED Worklights

There is often some confusion on whether the larger something is, the more power it will have. This is a common misconception, just look at the processing power of an 80s PC vs a smart phone, or even a filament bulb vs an LED. With this previous mindset you may look at Unilites HX800R and HX1500R and think they will be much dimmer than some of the larger worklights out there. The HX800R & HX1500R prove this is incorrect. Both worklights feature the combination of an ultra bright COB LED and powerful lithium battery.

Two Models, Zero Compromise

The 800 lumen HX800R worklight is the smaller of the two and the 1500 lumen HX1500R worklight has almost double the brightness. COB LEDs, provide wide and consistently smooth beam patterns. You will be able to use both lights continuously use on the job with an impressive 10-12 hours run time when dimmed! A central bullseye SMD LED is included, providing a 300 lumen output for the HX800R and 500 lumen output for the HX1500. The purpose of this beam mode is to provide a longer range spot beam, ideally use to locate and search, or for anything out of the range of the main lights.

Rechargeable & Battery Powered

Charging options with Unilite are heading more and more convenient. These new worklights are no exception, with the HX800R having a powerful 2600mAh lithium-ion battery & the HX1500R having a doubly powerful 5200mAh lithium-ion battery. Charging the battery is easy, with an included Type-C USB cable. Monitoring the battery is simple, there are rear LEDs for both battery level and charging status.

Worklights Built Tough

As soon as you hold The HX800R and HX1500R you will be able to feel the build quality. Toughened nylon polymer is used to construct the lights giving them an impressive IK07 resistance. This rating also gives the worklights an impressive 2M drop resistant,. This makes sure inevitable clumsiness doesn’t  result in a broken worklight! In addition to this, both have high IP65 ratings. This grants them maximum protection against dust and other small particles, as well as high water resistance against rain!

Flexible & Feature Rich

There are multiple ways you can use these powerful led worklights due to expansive  features and lightweight design. They both have retractable 180° rotating stands, allowing them to be positioned for optimum lighting output. In addition, the stand has powerful rear magnets so you can place the worklights in an elevated position, if available. Due to the lightweight and compact design of both models can even use it as a handheld working light. Simply place the worklight it in the palm of your hands or place your fingers behind the rotating stand. However you choose to use the HX800R & HX1500R, you wont be disappointed by its range of positioning!

Small Form Factor Powerful LED Worklights

The HX800R & HX1500R may not be the biggest worklights around, but as we can see this doesn’t diminish their performance at all. Like David and Goliath taught us, its substance that matters over size.

Click below to see if the HX800R survives against a tank, shotgun and C4 explosives!!