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Unilite Hard Case – Protect your work lights in style

Our motto when it comes to product design is Lights. Built. Tough. Everything we make is designed to last. We meticulously work out all of the fine details and only use premium materials so our lights are almost indestructible. We’ve even proved this with Tanks, shotguns and a trip to space at -60°C. But today we’re not talking about lights!

Although our lights are incredibly tough, sometimes you need a little extra protection whether that’s for travelling or just for peace of mind when they’re not in use. This goes for all tools and equipment you value! That’s why we’re happy to announce we’ve just released a series of Unilite Hard Cases.

Our hard cases use the same design DNA we put into all of our lighting. Built. Tough. With as many features as we can add to make your life easier.

Our initial range of hard cases contains 12 different sizes, from a small case designed to protect one of our smaller portable LED Lights to a huge case that can fit several of our larger work lights as well as all of your other tools.

So what makes a Unilite Hard Case so great?

Every Unilite Hardcase is made from ultra tough polypropylene which is designed to take some serious impact without leaving a mark, but also having the benefit of being very lightweight so they’re incredibly easy to carry around. Every one of our hard cases from the smallest to the largest also includes robust reinforced quick release clasps for easy access to all of your tools and work lights as well as a sturdy Rubber TPR Handle for easycarrying.

It wouldn’t be a Unilite product if we hadn’t thought of the smaller details, so each of our work cases are designed to IP67 specification. This means they are fully dust proof, as well as being fully water submersible for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter, ensuring your valuable tools are kept dry.

Pick & Pluck Foam…. Naturally

Last but not least is the inclusion of pick & pluck foam with every case as standard. No matter what tools or work lights you want to protect in your Unilite Hard Cases, you can very quickly and easily pick out the foam in the shape of the tool so they have the perfect groove for your product. It not only looks stylish, but offers additional protection from impact when transporting your lighting.

Protect your lights … on flights!

If you’re wanting to travel internationally we also sell a TSA approved padlock. This can be used to protect your lights on flights so you won’t run into any issues at customs. As an add on we also sell reflective stickers that fit each case perfectly. Your cases can’t hide in the dark anymore!

To summarise we believe we have made a Hard Case that’s not only perfect for transporting all of your Unilite products, but does so in a protective stylish way whilst remaining incredibly portable with all of the features you need.

Hard Cases are now available to purchase directly through us on the website, and we would love to hear your feedback, we know you will love them! Shop Cases