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Unilite Apprentice Scheme

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Everyone has to start somewhere; apprentices are no exception. The first few years of being an apprentice can be incredibly expensive as you scramble to assemble your kit and tools. Starting out can be tough! We at Unilite would like to make this process easier and a little less damaging on the wallet.

Introducing Unilite’s apprentice discount scheme.

For all apprentices we are giving a 35% discount off all non-sale lighting. Yes, you heard us, 35% off! It’s our way of helping you guys and girls out as you embark on the start of your career.

Applying for your apprentice discount is easy. Simply fill in the form below for submission.

Please include as much information as possible regarding your apprenticeship within the message field, and include a contact email for your mentor if possible.

We will vet your application and contact you with details of your discount and how to use it. Its as simple as that!

We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

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