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Instant Wins

Terms & Conditions

Taking part is easy, during February. If you spend £100 (Inc Tax, Exc Shipping) an Instant Win Ticket will be added to your basket.

When your order is placed your Ticket will be converted to a prize from the Pool and will be shipped out together with your order.

The Prize Pool Contains:

200x PL-3

100x BLT-1

50x K-550

50x MT8M3


20x FK3

20x EK5

5x IL-425R

5x MTB-5300

Your Prize will be drawn from this prize pool at Random, no other factors such as amount spent will increase your odds of winning. Once a Prize is claimed it is removed from the Prize Pool, increasing the relative chance of winning other prizes.

If all 500 Prizes are claimed, the campaign will end with immediate effect.

By placing multiple orders over £100 you are able to claim more than one prize. Multiple prizes will not be given for the same order. For Example £200 in one order will not grant you two prizes.

Any attempt to exploit the system, will result in no prizes being given and a permanent ban from other prize promotions.

Examples of Exploitation:

Placing Multiple Orders and cancelling / refunding orders that don’t include prize you like.
Manually Adding an Instant Win Ticket to your Order.
Having a Prize Ticket in your order when the value of your order is under £100.

We reserve the right to remove prizes from your order at any time without reason and to suspend operation of this promotion at anytime without reason.

All Prizes will be withdrawn, if any part of your order is refunded, or cancelled. If you place multiple orders with Prizes and any of them are refunded or cancelled, you will forfeit prizes from any and all orders placed.

Systems Failure

In the unlikely incident of a failure of IT Systems that would issue prizes that have previously been claimed, we will honor the first winner of the prize and another prize will be drawn from the prize pool.


No Prizes can be exchanged under any circumstance.

International Orders

Instant wins is open worldwide, for any orders placed on the Unilite UK Website during the sale period. Please note all prizes are dispatched from the UK, and may only contain UK Plugs / Or work only within the United Kingdom. Any Prizes sent internationally will be marked as a Gift, but we are unable to offer any further assistance with customs duties for your region if these are due.