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Worklight Financing now available with Klarna

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Pay for your worklight over time with Klarna financing

Unilite have started worklight financing with Klarna, a leading online payment provider. The aim of this relationship is to provide new convenient payment options for customers.

We all know that feeling when we want something now, but our bank balance will not allow it. Klarna gives customers the option to pay for their goods later with two convenient options. Both options are completely interest free to the customer and they will only have to pay the cost of the goods and shipping.

What are the options with Klarna?

The simplicity of the Klarna system is why Unilite have chosen this collaboration. Customers simply go through the checkout process and select one of the two Klarna payment options.

The first option allows customers to buy now and pay later in 30 days’ time. This simply means a customer can place an order on Unilites website now but pay for them in 30 days’ time. The customer will still receive the goods within the usual delivery timeframe, but just pay for them later.

Pay in 3 instalments with worklight financing

The second option is to split the total cost of the transaction across 3 interest free instalments. This means 3 lots of equal payments every 30 days. This helps when you are making quite a large order but wish to spread it out across a couple of months.

Who is Klarna useful for?

There are many people that would benefit from using Klarna. Buying now and paying later ensures you can get essential kit to get your jobs done, especially if one of the lights is task specific to a job you have coming up, such as an ATEX approved torch. As well as this, spreading payments over a few months makes a substantial purchase more manageable. You can fit it around your monthly budget and make sure you have enough money when the payment is due. This helps when you have essential purchases to make this month, but still need your lighting now!

You will just need to ensure you have the funds available when time for payment comes.

Purchase responsibly with Klarna

When using Klarna on Unilite, make sure your budget allows for the future payments. Making a purchase now but paying later can be a great assistance so long as you can afford to pay it when the payment is due. When using Klarna there will be a soft search with a credit reference agency that will not affect your credit rating. When it’s time for payment, Klarna will send you an email with payment details. Payments can be managed easily using the Klarna App or