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  1. Joao Pinho (verified owner)

    Very comfortable to work. Well constructed, top quality.

  2. Paul Coupland (verified owner)

    Spot on just what I needed start small work my way up to the bigger stuff

  3. Kieran BOOTHROYD (verified owner)

    Wanted one of these for ages look mint and sure y does the job and people will be asking where it’s from

  4. Ryan Smith (verified owner)

    Great knife feels nice in the hands. Got sent a birthday voucher and meant to get a mystery gift unfortunately nothing came

  5. Alex insley

    Hey Fraser, it does indeed have a spare blade holder at the back of the knife

  6. richie (verified owner)

    Great Knife 🔪, feels nice, good to work with and well made.

  7. Bernard975 (verified owner)

    I have always used a stanley knife in my working life. This is the first non Stanley knife I have bought. Seems of a good quality. Very happy.

  8. Robin Waspe (verified owner)

    Great quality knife just feels professional !

  9. richie (verified owner)

    I have been using this knife 4 months now. It’s a fantastic knife It’s very well thought out and comfortable in hand and pocket, I liked the extra spare blades in handle 😀.

  10. Ian Underwood (verified owner)

    Excellent light. Magnetic bracket is really good for working inside metal cabinets

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