LARGE-MAGNET LED Worklight Magnet


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The LARGE-MAGNET is an ultra-robust steel and aluminium magnet to attach to a Unilite LED work light (SLR-1300, SLR-2500, SLR-2750, SLR-4750, SLR-4400, SLR-6000 & SP-4500). A secure locking wing nut is used to hold the site light securely in place.

Dimensions: 54mm W x 54mm L x 37mm H

Weight: 169g



169 g

Dimensions (mm)

54 x 37 x 54

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  1. Burnettheating

    This fits perfectly onto my SLR-1300 and is powerful enough to hang the light off the smallest metal areas.

  2. Mike_gally

    Super strong magnet mega impressive could probably swing from it lol. this has totally transformed my slr area light

  3. Joe Eaton

    Seriously strong! Have it attached to the SLR 4750 and it holds it no trouble at all. Works great attaching to the tripod too.

  4. pauline lobelson

    Strong magnet !

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