UV-CURE Powerful UV Curing Kit

High power 66W rechargeable UV Curing gun.


Pay in 3 Instalments of £500 with Klarna

The UV-CURE gun is an ultra high powered curing gun for quick and efficient UV curing. The gun has powerful 66W hi flux UV-A LEDs for curing large surfaces and can cure some primers in 1 second. Constructed of toughened Aluminium & Polyamide, it has both IK07 shock resistance and IP65 dust & water protection. Built with an efficient ultrasonic range finder, the gun will dim the closer it gets to the surface to ensure paint does not burn. For safety it only emits UV-A and no harmful UV B & C. It has a built in cooling system to ensure optimum light output during extended use.

Run Time

1.5 Hours

IP Rating



900 g




5200mAh Li-ion

Dimensions (mm)

223 x 77 x 159