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HX-BL Bonnet Lamp Bracket

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Ultra tough aluminium & nylon extending magnetic vehicle bracket

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The HX-BL is an extending magnetic vehicle worklight bracket for the HX800R, HX1500R and other magnetic inspection lights. Two independent sliding plates move and lock accurately into the desired position. The super strong magnetic plates twist 360° which help the lights to be positioned precisely where required. Additionally, an extra long extending soft-close bar allows it to be used safely on larger vehicles. Its two end hooks have durable rubberised coating to protect paintwork and offers secure grip.

EXTENDED SIZE – 2100 x 110 x 180mm

CLOSED SIZE – 850 x 110 x 180mm

Tough construction
Central buckle clasp
360° rotating plates
Protective end hooks

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HX-BL Specification



Dimensions (mm)

110 x 180 x 2100
extending magnetic vehicle light bracket
extending magnetic vehicle light bracket
360° rotating magnetic plates
Soft rubberised end hooks
extending magnetic vehicle light bracket