Hard Case (L) Bundle Product Bundle

A super bundle featuring a waterproof case and a selection of



IP67 Waterproof hard case made from ultra tough polypropylene with rubber TPR handle. Includes pick and pluck foam as standard



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1000 lumen rechargeable LED work light with built in top torch

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USB-type C fast-charging rechargeable Sensor LED head torch

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1100 lumen ultra-powerful 1m submersible LED flashlight


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375 lumen compact LED inspection light with 180° vertical folding head.

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High capacity 7800mAh power bank with toughened nylon and TPR body

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The SG-YIO are high quality high visibility safety glasses with indoor/outdoor lenses designed to keep you safe. With multiple safety features, they are built for optimum protection.

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Included in this bundle is:

  • 1x UC5520 Waterproof Hard Case
  • 1x SLR-3000 Worklight
  • 1x SLR-1000 Worklight
  • 1x HL-7R Head Light
  • 1x FL-11R Flashlight
  • 1x IL-375R Inspection Light
  • 1x PB-7800 Powerbank
  • 1x SG-YIO Safety Glasses

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