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Range of Unilite LED Products


Frequently asked questions

Unilite produces the highest quality personal LED lighting. World renowned, they are super robust, ultra-bright and very user friendly. Used in multiple industries, they are built with quality parts and materials, ensuring they are built to withstand the rigors of the harshest of environments.

All Unilite products are tested to ANSI FL1 standards (American National Standards Institute), ensuring they have undergone the appropriate tests so they can used within the environments they find themselves in.

Unilite torches fit perfectly into an industrial environment, which is why they are built with high vis yellow colours, helping them to be seen and found when needed. Most torches take either supplied rechargeable batteries, with spares available, or standard AA or AAA batteries, ensuring you will always have a supplier of these nearby.

Unilite products are manufactured to the highest standard and are free from defects at the time of manufacturing. On the rare occasion when a problem does arise Unilite provides a warranty of 1 year on all products.

Unilite provides a warranty for any faulty products whereby we will endeavor to repair or replace any items affected in this way.

The warranty does not however cover the following:
Ø Battery leaks
Ø Incorrect chargers being used
Ø Normal wear and tear
Ø Modifications or alterations
Ø Poor storage
Ø Poor Maintenance
Ø Damage due to accident or negligence
Ø Damage due to improper of product
Ø Abuse/theft/loss

If you would like to speak to someone about a faulty product, please email, or call 01527 584344

Yes, we do hold spare parts for a lot of products. To find out whether we have the spare part you require, please email, or call 01527 584344. To help us solve your query as quickly as possible, please find the model number on the product. This is usually embossed onto the front, or side of the model. You may also email a picture of the product and part you require alongside your spare part request.

Best practice with your Unilite starts with the basics of which battery to use, how to store your product to eliminate the risk of internal battery leaks and how to correctly recharge your product. 

Cleaning your product is an essential part of your maintenance regime to ensure it works for many years to come. To view our flashlight cleaning guide for advice on how to care for your Unilite, please visit our cleaning page.

To check whether your Unilite can be used in the rain, please check the IP (Ingress Protection) rating of each product. This will tell you the extent to which it is waterproof and its protection against dust. For more information please see our IP ratings guide

We recommend you don’t use your Unilite when it is on charge. Some models will not permit this, but for those that do there is a chance it may damage the life of the battery and may cause a ‘Parasitic load’, altering the batteries full-charge detection. For more information on batteries best practice, please visit our battery information page.

Unilite has a range of intrinsically safe torches that can be used in hazardous zones. The whole range is rated to European ATEX standards, international RoHS, IECEx, CE, REACH and either C UL USA or C SA US standards. For more information on hazardous zones, please click here. To see the range of Intrinsically safe flashlights, view our ATEX Range.

Unilite abides by the WEEE Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and as a result has an obligation to take back end-of-life goods from consumers. If you wish to arrange this with Unilite, please visit the Contact page and get in touch.

When a product is not in stock, any orders for this are placed on back-order. This will typically be because we have not released the product yet and are taking pre-ordrs, or we have temporarily run out of stock.

Within the product description we normally calrify when we expect it to come back into stock.

If you have placed an order that features products that are in stock and products that are on back-order, then you will receive the entire  order when all items have arrived into stock.

There are many places where you can view Unilite products. This consists of electrical wholesalers, building and plumbing merchants, industrial supply companies, tool suppliers, office supplies and other related vendors.

Couldn’t find what you’re looking for? You can contact us via: live chat, email, or simply give us a call! We’d love to hear from you!