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Unilite headquarters
Quality without Compromise
Unilite is a family owned business which was established in 1981 as a portable lighting supplier and has rapidly grown to become one of the world’s leading torch & flashlight manufacturers. Started by Bryan & Maureen Insley from their garage in Solihull/England with £800 to the business's name, the company grew quickly to become a firm fixture in the UK market. Still family owned, Unilite now exports to over 30 countries worldwide and is fast becoming the favoured brand for customers all over the globe. Our motto LIGHTS-BUILT-TOUGH is embedded in our DNA and is still what drives us today to ensure we meet the highest standards that our customers demand.
unilite office


40 years of trading, and a wealth of experience dealing with a wide and diverse spectrum of businesses, many of whom are from specialised professional Industries. Our foundations have been built on superior quality and a first-class customer service experience. This has allowed Unilite to expand and develop staunch support from our trusted 4,000 worldwide clients. High spec components and carefully crafted designs are always at the forefront of our thinking, with customer satisfaction our main priority. 

To accommodate this further development and expansion, our manufacturing partners have increased factory capacity from 259,000 sq. ft. to 420,000 sq. ft. in late 2009. The new manufacturing complex now houses 1,650-strong skilled employees, using only the latest cutting edge technology.

Large investments in R&D, machinery and production facilities have allowed Unilite to innovate & pioneer new breakthroughs. This includes Focus Control technology, Infrared motion sensor activation, Electronic Dimming Configuration and High spec thermal management systems. That is why Unilite is the proven choice for the true industry professional.

Portable lights from different manufacturers may not be easily compared.  Not without referring to ANSI/NEMA FL1 standard, an international flashlight performance rating system. To help customers appreciate our product quality, a well-equipped in-house testing laboratory was set up with a controlled environment of 21±2°C and relative humidity at 50±40%.  Among various performance and reliability tests, six ANSI FL1 tests are undertaken: Light Output, Peak Beam Intensity, Beam Distance, Run Time, Impact Resistance and Water Resistance. Performed with strict adherence to ANSI FL1 rating criteria, the unbiased results prove our superior quality and reliability.

LED Light HDL6R Exploded View

Superior Dust Protection


High Waterproof Ratings

flashlight submerge

Chemical Resistance

Handheld LED Torch for Vehicle

Manufacturing Excellence

To ensure our super high levels of quality at Unilite, we use strict governance over our manufacturing & testing process. Each detail is carefully planned at each stage of the process, and protective clothing, overalls, hoods, gloves and shoe covers are mandatory when entering all facilities, with air shower chambers blowing off dust particles to minimise pollutants from outside. Inside, meticulous care is taken to keep every inch of the room in a dust-free state. From injection moulding, plating to storage, the entire process takes place in strict controlled environment. We are always eager to embrace new and innovative technology, as evidenced by our shift from halogen & Krypton lights to premium advanced LED-based units. However, the light source is only part of the package. We look for improvement in all elements of our manufacturing process, from lenses and reflectors to housings and switches. Every enhancement brings the user experience to a higher level, manifesting Unilites ultimate principle of building our lights super tough.


Testing chamber
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Flashlight lens
Flashlight ingress test